Today, the development of electronics industries are remarkable and they are
requesting very highly precise parts in quality. Among, tin plating with
excellent solder ability, ductility and malleability, and adhesion, it plays a significant role and many kinds of techniques are developing in these fields.
There are acid and alkaline solution in tin plating bath up to now. Acid bath has
better performance and many kinds of brighteners are put on the market. But these
brighteners are containing surfactant in large quantity which results in causing
bubbling problem in the operation and waste water treatment. And these bath are
strong acids, therefore it is difficult to plate electronics parts composed of
ceramics without any corrosion same as alkaline bath.
Neutral Tin Plating Process, DIPSOL Sn-232, has been developed to dissolve the
above problems.

ApplicationsNeutral Tin Plating
Features●Neutral solution won’t damage parts with ceramic component.
●Minimal color-change associated with aging process
ParameterspH 4.2~5.5
Temperature 15~25°C
Current Density 0.02~0.2A/dm2

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