DIPSOL NP-1900 is a Pb-free and stable electroless nickel-phosphorus alloy plating solution for general purpose. It can be used continuously and can obtain stable alloy plating without lowering the speed of plating even after several number of turns.

ApplicationsPb-free nickel-phosphorus plating for general purpose
Features●Pb free EN process
●Excellent covering power-high corrosion performance at the edge of the parts
●Easy maintenance, minimal degrade of plating speed and stable operation for long term
ParametersNP-1900 180~220mL/L
NP-F 0.1~0.5mL/L
pH 4.3~4.6
Temperature 83~92°C

商品名 法規情報 荷姿


劇物(毒物及び劇物取締法)  労働安全衛生法  りん含有製品  チッ素含有製品  危険物(消防法)