DIPSOL ZTB-447MD is a black trivalent chromium conversion coating without hexavalent chromium in conversion coating and finishing treatment agent.

ApplicationsZinc barrel plating for cyanide or zincate bath
Features●Optimum for black trivalent chromium conversion coating for chloride bath barrel plating parts.
●No hexavalent chromium, silver, and dye are used.
●Low-temperature processing is possible.
● Long solution life, and prolonged solution renewal is available.
● No chelate and excellent drainage performance.
Parameterscyanide bath
ZTB-447MD1 50mL/L
ZTB-447MD2 35mL/L
ZTB-447MD3 5-10mL/L
Temperature 25-40°C
Time 30-50 seconds

zincate bath
ZTB-447MD1 50mL/L
ZTB-447MD2 50mL/L
ZTB-447MD3 12mL/L
Temperature 25-40°C
Time 20-50 seconds

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