DIPSOL TS-3000 is Pb-free, Sn-Ag alloy plating process which is capable of operating at high current density.This process will deposit stable and bright eutectic alloy plating at the rate of Silver 3.5%, and it is effective substitute for conventional Tin-Lead Alloy (Solder) plating.

ApplicationsRack Plating
Hoop Plating
Features●Ag 3.5% co-deposition ratio could be obtained stably and
best for the replacement of Sn-Pb plating.
●Desired uniform Ag deposition ratio and appearance deposit
could be obtained in wide current density range.
●Excellent leveling, ideal for soldering.
●Prevents whisker formation.
●Free of cyanide, fluoride/stable bath.
●Waste water treatment done by simple neutralization process.
ParametersTemperature 22~28°C
Current Density 10~50A/dm2

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