DIPSOL SZ-242 is a neutral Tin-Zinc alloy plating process which has been put to industrial use first in the world. Since then, this process is judged its performance and mainly adopted as the rust preventive plating for salt injury in the important parts of automobiles. The softness of deposit and high corrosion resistance after bending are superior to other zinc alloy plating. Tin-Zinc alloy plating is advancing steadily as the rust preventive plating in 21st century due to its high corrosion resistance.

ApplicationsTin-Zinc alloy plating for barrel
Features●ELV,RoHS compliant trivalent chromium conversion can be applied
●High corrosion resistance
●Ideal for secondary processing(high ductility)
●High solder ability
●Neutral bath and free of hazardous and toxic material
ParametersSZ-242MS 800g/L
SZ-242S 8mL/L
pH 6.0-7.0
Temperature 20-26°C
Current Density 0.2-1.5A/dm2

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