R-385 strips stainless steel jigs if solder plating is necessary after copper plating. It rapidly strips and dissolves the stainless steel jigs plated with layers of copper and solder without hardly causing damage.

ApplicationsStrips Cu and Solder plating
Features●Strips copper, solder plating over stainless steel jigs.
●Rapidly strips at 40 micron per minute rate with immersion.
●Free of hydrogen peroxide and fluoride.
ParametersR-385 150mI/L
62% Nitric Acid 550ml/L
Temperature 20-30°C
Time 1-20minutes

商品名 法規情報 荷姿


劇物(毒物及び劇物取締法)  労働安全衛生法  りん含有製品  チッ素含有製品  危険物(消防法)