DIPSOL NZ-77 is an advanced type of alkaline non cyanide zinc brightener
designed to produce excellent ductility, adhesion and maintain the integrity of the
deposit even after baking, bending and pressing.
DIPSOL NZ-77 is easy to control due to simple composition and maintains
excellent brightness in low and high current density without dulling or burning.

ApplicationsZinc brightener for barrel use
Features●Whitish deposit and excellent ductility for secondary processes.
●Minimal anode sludge. Simple filtration maintenance.
(Note)NZ-77 is for maintenance.
ParametersZinc Metal 6-10g/L
NaOH 100-140g/L
NZ-77S 4-8mL/L
Temperature 22-28°C
Current Density 0.5-1A/dm2

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