DIPSOL NZ-750 is an advanced type of alkaline non cyanide high-speed zinc
brightener that can obtain more than 8 μm of film thickness in 20 min of plating time
and produce excellent throwing power.
Compatibility with trivalent chromium conversion treatment is excellent.
Also baking performance is excellent.

ApplicationsZinc brightener for barrel
Features●About 0.5μm/min of plating speed under the standard condition.
●Superior macro throwing power and baking property.
●Good compatibility with trivalent chromium conversion coating.
ParametersZinc Metal 13-17gL/L
NaOH 130-170g/L
NZ-750S 9-15mL/L
H-0616Y 0-0.1mL/L
NZ-Conditioner 10-20mL/L
Temperature 35°C-45°C
Current Density 1.5-2.5A/dm2

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