DIPSOL NZ-200 is a brightener with more respondent to trivalent chromium conversion
coating, compared to a conventional brightener for non-cyanide alkaline zinc.
DIPSOL NZ-200 excellently responds to black trivalent chromium conversion coating.
DIPSOL NZ-200 has also good throwing power and baking performance.

ApplicationsZinc brightener for barrel
Features●Best response to trivalent chromium conversion coating, especially black trivalent
chromium conversion coating
●Application of 6 g/L or more of zinc provides conventional film thickness and also
improves covering power performance.
ParametersZinc Metal 6-12g/L
NaOH 100-140g/L
NZ-200S 8-15mL/L
H-0616Y 0-0.5mL/L
NZ-Conditioner 10-20mL/L
Temperature 20-30°C
Current Density 0.5-1.5A/dm2

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