The trend of chip devices and its manufacturing technology of electronic components commencing from the 1980s has lead to continuous development in the area of very small and thin components. This has resulted in condensers produced mainly of ceramics, inductors mainly produced of ferrite and resistors, the electrode of the filters and inverters consisting of internal electrode(Ag-pd), intermediate electrode(Ni), external electrode.

ApplicationsBrightener for Ni plating
Features●Less pit and subdued color film.
●Reducing of inner stress prevents twin plating of chips.
●One liquid system and easy to manage.
●Reduce running cost.
ParametersNickel Sulfate 300-380g/L
Nickel Chloride 35-55g/L
Boric Acid 35-45g/L
Ni-1600B 5-10mL/L
pH 4.2-5.2
Temperature 40-60°C
Current Density 0.05-0.2A/dm2

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