DIPSOL ANIC PROCESS IZ-260 is an alkaline type, cyanide free, Zinc-Nickel alloy electroplating process for rack plating bath.
This process is excellent in throwing power and covering power, and can be obtained the deposit consists of uniform zinc alloy containing 5 ~ 8 % nickel. The deposit has excellent heat and corrosion resistance and specially it has the highest corrosion resistance under high temperature atmosphere in the zinc alloy deposits.

ApplicationsANIC PROCESS(Rack)
Features●Provides more than three or four times of corrosion resistance in salt spray test compared with zinc plating.
● Excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance in high temperature applications.
●Higher hardness and scratch resistance.
●Excellent in throwing power and covering power due to alkaline non-cyanide bath.
ParametersIZ-260MS 250g/L
NaOH 120g/L
IZ-260S 5mL/L
Temperature 23-27°C
Current Density 2-10A/dm2

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