DIPSOL EZ-988 represents the latest development of Acid Chloride Zinc Plating
which offers outstanding performance in both rack and barrel.

ApplicationsChloride Zinc Brightener
Features●Excellent chromate adherence widens operation window
●Excellent dectility for secondary processess
●High tolerance of high temperatures operation without cooling system
ParametersZinc Metal 15-35g/L
Total Chloride 120-150g/L
Boric Acid 20-30g/L
pH 5.0-6.0
EZ-988A 30-50mL/L
EZ-988B 0.2-0.5mL/L
Temperature 20-50°C
Current Density 0.2-1.5A/dm2

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劇物(毒物及び劇物取締法)  労働安全衛生法  りん含有製品  チッ素含有製品  危険物(消防法)