DIPSOL EZ-985CS is an excellent brightener that is boron free and low ammonium content mixed bath type and has excellent burning resistance compared to in ordinary
acid zinc brightener system.
It has an excellent compatibility with with trivalent chromium conversion treatment.

ApplicationsAcid Zinc Brighteners
Features●Low ammonium content mixed bath type:
Can be adjusted the ammonium concentration according to the condition.
Can be used also for potassium free bath.
●Excellent Throwing Power:
Can be used for complex shaped parts.
●Excellent high-temperature resistance:
Can be operated in high temperatures and easy to maintain the plating solution level.
● Low Foaming:
Strong air agitation can be used to speed up the reaction of iron(Ⅱ) ion.
Zinc Metal 20-40g/L
Total Chloride 150-170g/L
EZ-985CSA 20-30mL/L
EZ-985CSB 0.2-0.6mL/L

Zinc Metal 15-35g/L
Total Chloride 160-190g/L
EZ-985CSA 20-30mL/L
EZ-985CSB 0.2-0.6mL/L

pH 5.5-6.1
Temperature (Barrel) 30°-40°C, (Rack) 20-40°C
Current Density (Barrel) 0.2-1.0A/dm2, (Rack) 0.5-4.0A/dm2

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