DIPSOL AL-45PS is additive for alkaline cleaner for Aluminum, Aluminum alloy and Aluminum die-casting. DIPSOL AL-45PS prevents the smut and erosion of aluminum, aluminum alloy and aluminum die-casting. By addition of DIPSOL AL-45PS, both strengthening of degreasing power and control of etching became possible.

ApplicationsCleaner for Aluminum and Aluminum alloy
Features●Can be removed any kinds of oil such as animal, vegetable and mineral oil in a short time.
● Can clean rubbish of buff and so on.
● Can control etching by addition of AL-45PS and can be obtained higher corrosion resistance and good appearance.
ParametersAL-45 40-60g/L
AL-45PS 5-10mL/L
NaOH 1g/L
Temperature 45-65°C
Time 2-10minutes

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