Dipsol Act-9 is a chemical for reproducing poor quality of Ni-chrome plating. It does not delaminate Ni but delaminates chrome plating with hydrochloric acid. It activates the Ni by immersing the Act 9 chemical. The poor quality of Ni-chrome is said to occur after management of chrome plating or plating. Regarding the reproducing of this poor quality, originally it was done by delaminating the chrome plating and replating it but due to time consuming and effluent treatment, the cost turned out to be high. Dipsol Act 9 has been developed to save cost.

ApplicationsActivation for Ni plating
Features●Activation after Ni plating improves adhesion of chrome platong.
ParametersAct 9 100ml/L
Sulfuric Acid 100mi/L
Temperature 40-50°C
Time 1-2minutes

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