DIPSOL #411Y is a rust preventive by neutralization which can be used in place of
sodium cyanide in the pretreatment for plating. Its neutralization and rust
preventive performance are equal to conventional sodium cyanide and further it
has advantageous property that no toxic material is contained

Applicationsused for the neutralization prior to plating
Features●Eliminates discoloration on silver, tin, and copper alloys
●Used to remove oxidation film, and for activation
●No damage of Ni substrate
ParametersConcentration 20-30g/L
Temperature 15-30°C
Time 2-3minutes

商品名 法規情報 荷姿


劇物(毒物及び劇物取締法)  労働安全衛生法  りん含有製品  チッ素含有製品  危険物(消防法)