DIPSOL Ag-420Y is an efficient anti-tarnish agent to keep the luster of silver
copper and its alloys, protecting the surface of them from several corrosive gases.
It can be used with electrolysis and the corrosion resistance is superior to
conventional immersion type anti-tarnish agents many times over.
It is suitable for the anti-tarnish of electric parts because the electric conductivity
of parts does not fall after the treatment

ApplicationsAnti-tarnish agent for silver and copper
Features●It can keep the luster of base metals as it is without coloring which occurs in
conventional immersion types.
● Excellent anti-tarnish performance.
● Long solution life and easy to maintain.
●Easy to waste water due to low chromium concentration.
●Good electric conductivity.
ParametersConcentration 20-60mL/L
Temperature 20-60°C
Time 1-3minutes

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